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Tradition and Innovation

Tradizione e innovazione

A global company that has been active for almost 50 years in the construction of broaches of all types, a flexible and dynamic company able to produce optimal solutions both for standard applications as well as for personalised needs, a group of motivated experts available to customers to listen to them, guide them and follow them in the their specific needs: this is Vebro.

Technology and Know-How

Tecnologia e know-how

The quality of Vebro's tools is the result of severe process and product controls together with the constant search for new technical solutions, continuous investments in advanced technologies and in highly qualified human resources. The company know-how and the available systems make it possible to follow every phase of machining within the plant, starting from the steel bar up to the PVD coating process for the finished tool.



In order to guarantee constant high-level quality, Vebro has always invested in measurement and analysis tools that, thanks to modern technologies, make it possible to perform precise and repeatable measurements. Our Quality System ISO 9001 requires that operators control and record product conformity during the machining phases, whereas the final quality check includes approving the acceptance of every tool we produce.



The extreme flexibility and potential that characterises the company finds its maximum expression also in the production of special broaches designed according to customer requirements. Our 50 years of experience in the design and construction of customised tools, the continuous investment in competent human resources and the machines selected according to criteria of economical production efficiency and high reliability make it possible to satisfy all market requirements.

Environmental and Company Policy

Politica ambientale e aziendale

Protecting the environment and safety at the workplace have always been the essential principles of our company policy. The products, processes and technologies are considered, already in the earliest stages of design, from the point of view of environmental compatibility. Vebro promotes making customers aware of the ecological use of their own products (conditions of use, recycling, disposal of products at the end of the service life). The use of all possible precautions for the safety of our workers is guaranteed by severe controls in all departments.

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